We help you

  • source globally.

  • manufacture metal and plastics.

  • manage your supply chain.

  • reduce costs.

  • compete more profitably.

We make offshore sourcing local.
Mardek offers metal fabrication and plastics manufacturing from carefully vetted suppliers in China and the Pacific Rim—with substantial savings.

Mardek makes offshore sourcing local.

Mardek clients don't
have to worry
—about anything. We manage the supply chain logistics through a global sourcing process that oversees the selection and qualification of Asian suppliers.

Mardek clients don't have to worry.

Independent quality control allows us to assure that your order will be delivered to your dock as specified and on time—at substantial savings.

Independent quality control

One number to call.
One English-speaking, U.S. contact. So you can manage the entire process without making an international call.

One number to call