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Quality Assurance is the planned and systematic activities implemented within an organization. Quality is often overlooked by our competition due to the costs associated with this process. At Mardek, we take quality assurance very seriously, inspecting throughout the manufacturing process. As a result of our commitment to quality assurance in our products or services, our company has an established reputation for reliability and consistency.

We have also developed a highly reliable network of partner factories over the past 15 years that support these same values. Their quality and process control focused management is key in assuring your specifications are consistently met. Partner factories have attained ISO 9001TS 16949, and IATF 16949 certifications. Trained Mardek offshore manufacturing service associates in the US and China work to fully communicate customer specifications and expectations to factory management.

At Mardek we work in full collaboration with our customers and partner factories to establish the correct quality management approach for each product we produce.  This process is monitored and adjusted as needed.  Finally, if needed, Mardek also works with an independent, international quality organization, with offices throughout Asia. This firm can be deployed for factory audits, product inspection and specification verification.

Mardek ownership and staff are focused to deliver products to specification, on time and at a cost-effective price. Meeting our customers goals drives our mutual success.

Corporate Officers

Veronica Lee

Mardek is Veronica’s second startup success. Previously, Veronica worked in primary health care. She was responsible for developing and growing a network of 70+ physicians with over 100,000 patients. Since founding Mardek in 2012, she has provided vital expertise in finance, management, strategic planning, human resources, customs, shipping, contract negotiation, IT and regulatory compliance. She earned her MBA in Finance from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Charles Dekar

Charlie has focused his entire career on contract manufacturing. An extensive area of his knowledge is founded in metal forming (sheet metal, die cast, extrusion, fabrication, forging, machining, tooling) and product assembly. his long career also includes plastic and electromagnetic components. As President, Charlie creates a seamless platform between the customers and manufacturing facilities in Asia. Improving efficiency for Mardek, customers and Mardek’s offshore factories is a primary driver for improving cost and service.  After 40 years in contract manufacturing, and 15 years in offshore sourcing, Charlie’s expertise is an invaluable asset for customer purchasing and development engineering personnel. He graduated with Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Nick Dekar
Vice President

Nick spent 11 years working in subcontract management and supply chain program management for Lockheed Martin prior to joining Mardek. During this time he managed a diverse portfolio of procured items and services ranging from small off the shelf communications equipment to billion dollar subcontracts for complex aerospace products and services. As a result Nick has seen first hand the costs of supply chain problems and knows the value of a manufacturer that is a partner versus simply a supplier. At Mardek Nick leverages this experience to provide customers quality manufacturing services and improve customer supply chain cost, predictability, and service. He graduated with a BS and MBA in Supply Chain Management from Clarkson University in Potsdam NY.

Sales Team

Kathy Taylor
Customer Service Manager

Kathy joined Mardek in 2012.  The customer service group is required to manage the order fulfillment process for Mardek customers.  In fact, Kathy is responsible for making sure customer’s orders are received, verified with the factories they can meet the requested delivery, and pricing is correct.  Original order requirements, change orders, schedule changes, and shipping requirements are promptly handled and confirmed with the factory and the customer.  Orders are tracked from order entry through production, export, import and delivery to the customer.  Kathy has earned a very high regard from our customers for timely and accurate information regarding all stages of their order.  Kathy earned a BS in Mathematics from LeMoyne College.  Her previous experience was in banking as a teller and customer service manager.

Marla Peck
Sales Representative

Marla established Marla Peck Associates in 1987, after working ten years in manufacturing.  She is a very trusted resource to her customers, and suppliers.  Marla manages Mardek accounts in Long Island, Metropolitan New York, and parts of Northeast New Jersey.  She has extensive knowledge in manufacturing services, electrical components and electronics.  Marla provides integrity, and reliability as promised to our customers  We are pleased to be associated with Marla Peck Associates.

Branch Office, Changsha, China

Yang Min

Min’s responsibilities for Mardek in China are managing quotations, purchasing, production scheduling, and logistics. She plays a key role in supplier relations and commercial transactions.

Yang Min earned an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as an MBA. She has 27 years of experience in international business. Min’s early career was working for a large automotive manufacturer, China National Automotive Import/Export Co. Her work there assisted in the manufacturing of Cars, Buses and Transport Vans. Min’s wide range of experience included positions as Saleswoman, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Senior Buyer and Senior Economist. She supported the acquisition of major capital equipment such as Assembly Line Equipment, Major Machine Tools, Foundry Equipment and Test Equipment Min also had responsibilities for component items including engines, starters generators shafts and gears.

Liu Yong Lin

Located in our Changsha office, Yong Lin is the direct interface on technical issues for Mardek with our Chinese Partner factories. He has an extensive background in component manufacturing, having worked for a bus manufacturer from 1976 till 1985. His experience there included machining, tooling and a specialty in heat treatment. He was also a member of the Technical Creation Team. Yong Lin left manufacturing to teach at a local University. He assumed his current responsibilities in 2003. Yong Lin Is extremely effective in making sure all aspects of Mardek customer technical requirements are understood and met by our partner factories. Together with Yang Min they work as a team to evaluate potential factory partners, providing education, training, and help our Partner factories understand and meet US standards.

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