Controlling production costs is crucial for being a competitive business, and our offshore contract metal manufacturing solutions are an excellent solution to provide superior quality and expertise while keeping costs low. Contract manufacturing lets you outsource production of all or specific components of a product to another company, taking advantage of equipment, skills, and services which you may not have in-house. 

Contract Manufacturing Overview

Prototype Creation

Prototype creation requires specialized equipment and skills, which you may only need occasionally. Our contract manufacturing services at Mardek can work with you to create an effective prototype for your product or component.

Design Expertise

By consulting with an experienced and specialized design team of a contract manufacturer early, you can save time and resources throughout the manufacturing process.

Single Component to Full System Production

Contract manufacturing can vary with the project and can include something smaller like the production of an individual part or an entire system or assembly, depending on your needs and requirements.

Production, Testing, Assembly & Shipping 

You can also contract out value-added services such as product testing, assembly, and shipping.

Options for Offshore Metal Manufacturing

There are a variety of manufacturing specialties that benefit from offshore contract services, including:

Advantages of Contract Manufacturing

Contract metal manufacturing offers excellent savings in time and costs of production, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business such as product development and marketing.

Cost Reduction

Capital investments in specialized equipment, ongoing maintenance and upgrades, production facilities, and trained workers all add substantial costs to business operations. Contract manufacturing allows you to avoid all or some of those expenses.

Specialized Expertise

Instead of taking on the difficulty and expense of building expertise in-house, which may only be needed occasionally or for individual components, take advantage of the skills and knowledge already offered by contract manufacturers.

Expanded Capacity

Contract manufacturers who specialize in metal fabrication often have greater production capacity to complement your own and can help you meet increased demand more quickly.

Product Innovation

Partnering with a contract manufacturer in the early stages of a project allows discussion, planning, and innovation, helping improve your products. You can also turn over production of older, established products to a contract manufacturer, so you can focus on your own product innovation in-house.


Because contract manufacturers specialize in certain areas of production, reputable manufacturers can provide consistent, high-quality results, giving you the confidence that your parts are made to your specifications. 

Rapid Production

Specialized manufacturers benefit from economies of scale and established relationships with raw materials providers. In addition, distributing production over multiple manufacturers can allow each to focus on a specific area of production simultaneously, getting your product to market faster.

Mutual Benefits

Engaging a contract manufacturer can provide jobs for both partners, from manufacturing and logistics to administration and operations.

Why Choose Mardek’s Contract Manufacturing Services

At Mardek, our reliable contract metal manufacturing services will meet or exceed your requirements. We deliver on time and at competitive prices. Learn more about us and what we offer or request a quote today.

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