Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is essential for meeting our client’s expectations. At Mardek, we specialize in cost-effectively providing custom manufactured parts, assemblies, and products through comprehensive management of manufacturing, shipping, and customs clearance. We manage the entire global sourcing process by overseeing the supply chain from selection of supplier to delivery on your dock.

We take care of everything.Supply Chain Management Word Circles Concept

  • Vendor searches and qualification—a joint effort of our US and China offices.
  • Evaluate and communicate product specification requirements
  • Supervise test runs
  • Negotiate prices
  • Manage costs
  • Eliminate language barriers
  • Handle international duties and customs
  • Oversee delivery from the factory to your dock

Offshore Manufacturing Services

Mardek is a supplier of contract offshore manufacturing services in metal and plastic processes. We can help with you find the right solution for your contract metal fabrication, metal casting, plastics manufacturing components, assemblies, and even complete products.

We take care of everything.

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